Thursday, 15 April 2010

' I've been waiting so long - Cream take on Spanky Wilson and Ralph "Soul" Jackson in a 'Sunshine of Your Love' showdown

Cream - 'Sunshine of Your Love' from 'Disraeli Gears' (1967)

Spanky Wilson - 'Sunshine of Your Love' from 'Doin' it' (1970)

Ralph 'Soul' Jackson - 'Sunshine of Your Love' (circa 1968-70)

Spanky's version has had a lot of exposure over the last few years but Ralph's is less known (in case you're wondering, I found it here). Maybe Jimi and the boys will decide...

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  1. Cream are my 60s favourites now, I can listen to them much more than the Beatles or Stones. Ditto the Yardbirds. The Farewell Concert in 68 is stunning and I can watch it anytime - wish I had been there (I was instead at the Doors and the Jefferson Airplane all-nighter at the Roundhouse!)- but at least I am in the film of that! (aged 22).


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